Friday, April 11, 2008

Straight from the press...

Kuopio Diocese's resolution concerning the baptisms is also published. FELC Church-order states that "Rightly Baptized mustn't be baptized again." In its resolution, consistory states that the children baptised by rev. Väätäinen "are not rightly baptized".

This means that if the parents would want, they could ask FELC-pastors to rebaptize their children, and no ecclesiastical jurisdiction would be broken.

Therefore it must be concluded that the consistory considers babies already baptized to be in fact not-baptized, albeit they are allowed to retain their membership in parochial congregation. Therefore not only has the consistory lapsed in sacramental theology, but also ecclesiology, by allowing unbaptized people permanent membership in the congregation.

The consistory has by this verdict severed themselves from the catholic and apostolic doctrine and praxis, and has effectively chosen the path to sectarianism.


Wille Huuskonen said...
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Wille Huuskonen said...

Thanks for your post. Would properly or correctly be better word than rightly?

Josh S said...


Finnish names are cool.